Retro Wine Rack

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One of my favorite thrift stores in town ALWAYS has something for me. Usually I have to dig but not today! I was walking down the aisle of ‘metals’ and there laying on its side was this rare beauty of a wine rack! I knew the moment I saw it I had found a treasure. Hard for me to believe someone would give this baby up! I have never seen one like it and can’t find any like it on Ebay or the net. It is make of metal made to look like brass (not sure if it is or not) and features six holes for your wine bottles. The unit is heavy and has a nice handle for moving the rack about. I scrubbed it up with soap and water and hand dried it. I have decided to leave it as is and not paint it or restore it further. I love the vintage look of it and think it would be a great addition to a retro ranch but also a Hollywood Regency styled room.

I like to group my sales together and have listed the wine rack on Ebay along with other retro metals like a gold metal telephone stand, an oval metal two tiered magazine rack and a small gold metal book rack. Click here to see my Ebay listings! 

What do you think this wine rack will go for? I am excited to find it a new home with wine awaiting!


One comment on “Retro Wine Rack

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