Decanter Parade

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I didn’t know these gorgeous decanters existed until I saw them in all their glory at a yard sale. These are decanter bottles developed by alcohol manufacturers to help sell their product. I fell in love with the animals but the decanters also featured politicians, transportation, sports, etc. My favorite is the moose and his gorgeous antlers. The bottles are very well made and make great sculptural additions.

While researching these for sale on Ebay I discovered there are A LOT of people who collect these bottles and there are even clubs! The Jim Beam Club  features a monstrous photo gallery of collectible bottles and is very educational. I hope one of these collectors is in need of one of mine for their mantle! I think this would be a great gift for the hunter in your life too.

See my Ebay listings here:



Jim Beam Robin Bird

EZRA Brooks Panda Bear

EZRA Brooks Bear

Jim Beam Muskie


2 comments on “Decanter Parade

  1. David says:

    These are soooo great. Highly collectible and people will make a lot of money buying them from you so cheap.

    • foundforyou says:

      Ha! The moose, elk and panda sold out! Now bidding on Ebay for the Muskie Wisconsin’s state fish – only $14.99! This is gonna be a great catch for somebody!

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