Toaster Collector Association?

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I know, weird huh? I mean who collects toasters? Well the Toaster Collectors Association collects, researches, documents and restores toasters and even holds an annual meeting called ‘ToasterFest’ (in case you care here is the link)! And then there is the Toaster Museum an online museum with info and photos of toasters from around the world! Fascinating huh? Well if you want more ‘Toastmania’ you can check out The ‘Toaster Museum Foundation’ and purchase a Toaster calendar! I don’t really care much about toasters but I do have a rare vintage Sunbeam toaster model AT-A for sale on Ebay! This toaster was introduced in the ’60’s and features glass sides with silkscreened leaves and bakelite base. If you are hot for toast check out my listing here!


FOUND – International Hub Caps Triple Diamond

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I stopped at a sale last summer in Spokane Valley, WA and the prices were so great I ended up making a pile next to the cash box and going back for a second look. On my second tour around the sale I found this pair of International Hub Caps. I paid a dollar for them and hoped there might be an old International truck out there needing them. I got on Ebay when I got home and found out these are very rare and hard to find – especially in this condition. They were most likely used on an International truck dating between 1940 – 1957. Most are missing the red detail paint and are rusted through. This pair features their original red trim and are still in solid condition. While researching I found out that restoring International trucks is a big deal and ‘original‘ parts add big time to the value. I sure hope the guy who is restoring his cherished International finds these hotties on my Ebay!

This Truck Restoration blog features an article about the difficulty of restoring old Internationals.

The International Truck Museum in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada features 19 various restored International trucks. Check it out!

Catalina Oxblood

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I know! What is Catalina Oxblood? Well I found this vase several years ago at a garage sale in Spokane, WA. The sale was looking like a big bust until I decided to look in a box sitting on the ground full of FTD style clear flower vases. You know, the super cheap kind that are a dime a dozen. Well not quite that cheap. The box read 10 cents each. I rooted around in the box and spotted this red vase, flipped it over and read Catalina Pottery. I didn’t know anything about it but something inside me (duh?) said splurge with the 10 cents and RUN! It has sat on my display shelf for the last two years with hardly a second glance. After I found the Frank Moreno pot I had to make room and so the Catalina has got to go. After a quick search on Ebay I discovered that Catalina Oxblood is extremely collectible and I might actually make some good money on this vase. A similar vase recently sold on Ebay for $153. I have started mine at $29.99. Sure hope we get close to the $100 mark!

You can learn a lot about Catalina Pottery here!

Reardan All City Yard Sale Corrals Bull Dodge Bookends

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Every September the town of Reardan, WA hosts it’s annual city wide garage sale. Reardan is a small farm town but I must have hit 30 sales in 2 hours! I nearly filled the car with treasures and was on my way out of town when I passed by the library and a crowd of buyers! I jumped right in and boy am I happy I did! The glassware and smalls were abundant. I snatched up 3 nice blue apothecary jars from Belgium, a cast iron terrier dog, a milk glass cake plate that spins (!), and a pair of Dodge bull bookends. I paid $3 for the gorgeous bookends. After researching them on the internet I found they are extremely collectible and difficult to find. Here is a bit of history on Dodge bookends:

Dodge, Inc. began in Chicago in the mid 1920s by Ray E. Dodge, a former track star in the 1924 Olympics.  In 1930 he moved the company to Los Angeles to begin making “Oscars” for Hollywood’s Academy Awards, and in 1949, began producing Hollywood’s “Emmys”.

In a 1948, a catalog for Dodge, Inc. of Los Angeles, Newark and Miami, advertised “the master-line of gifts for the discriminating buyer,” listing more than 20 different pairs of bookends, including pieces designed by McClelland Barclay and Gladys E. Brown, selling for $10 to $40 a pair.

All Dodge bookends are made of heavy cast gray metal.  Their bookends on onyx bases are less common.  The company used 5 different finishes for its cast metal pieces, but their trademark high-gloss bronze finish with two-tone highlights of  rich red-golden copper from  the Southwest’s great copper mines, earned Dodge the tag line, “The Best of the West.”

I will be posting these beauties very soon on Ebay along with some owl bookends and International Hub Caps! Following are some links relevant to Dodge bookends.

Link to Antique Bookends web site

Complete Ebay auctions for Dodge Bookends

Saling Spokane

We are enjoying a looonnnngg summer here in Spokane which means more great yard sales! David & I headed out in the car early Friday morning to find treasure and shortly thereafter were wishing we had brought the truck! The sales I had researched on Craig’s List turned out to be a bust but they lead us to others that garnered a sweet lime green Frank Moreno pot (I just love his drip glaze stuff! and will have to display this one next to my other before resaling!), a Regal red aluminum pitcher (you all remember these from your childhood right?), a 3 globe tension lamp with Currier & Ives glass domes (from the sweetest old lady I ever met!), a set of 3 amazing French prints artfully framed in blue mats and anti-glare glass (these babies need to be researched before selling – anyone know anything about Duclos?), and a gorgeous Arabesque clock from the ’70’s with the original sales tag on it. And for myself? A pair of designer Michael Kors jeans and a cashmere sweater for three bucks!

OK, so what did I miss out on? A pair of Schwinn Le Tour III bikes that David & I couldn’t decide if they were worth anything for resale. Turns out they are! Note taken. Also found a vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machine – super hot sellers on Ebay. Unfortunately the gal wanted $400 dollars! Oh please!

Decanter Parade

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I didn’t know these gorgeous decanters existed until I saw them in all their glory at a yard sale. These are decanter bottles developed by alcohol manufacturers to help sell their product. I fell in love with the animals but the decanters also featured politicians, transportation, sports, etc. My favorite is the moose and his gorgeous antlers. The bottles are very well made and make great sculptural additions.

While researching these for sale on Ebay I discovered there are A LOT of people who collect these bottles and there are even clubs! The Jim Beam Club  features a monstrous photo gallery of collectible bottles and is very educational. I hope one of these collectors is in need of one of mine for their mantle! I think this would be a great gift for the hunter in your life too.

See my Ebay listings here:



Jim Beam Robin Bird

EZRA Brooks Panda Bear

EZRA Brooks Bear

Jim Beam Muskie

Marantz Score!

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So I was at a yard sale the other day and there on the front lawn of a very nice country home was a gorgeous pair of vintage speakers. I know nothing about speakers but I do know vintage speakers are hot right about now.

I called my husband and said, ‘Please get on Ebay and tell me if Marantz speakers are selling.’ So he did and found about 200 listings for Marantz but none specifically for the LS-20’s.

I said, ‘Well are the Marantz items selling?’

Husband, ‘I have no idea.’

Me, ‘Go to the completed auctions!’

Him, ‘How do I do that?’

I realized then that my husband needs an Ebay lesson or I need a smart phone. I am sure there is an app for this.

Frustrated he finally said, ‘Well how much are the speakers?’

I told him, ‘$5.’

He said, ‘Why are we having this conversation? Just buy them!’

Good point – they were super cheap but these are big speakers and if you haven’t seen my office (you aren’t going to either – I don’t even let personal close friends in here!) there isn’t much space and I don’t want it taken up with whoofers and tweeters that don’t sell!

Well I bought ’em. Someone was just trying to sell a pair on Craiglist and I decided to wait until she sold hers to sell mine so as to not compete. I chose to sell them on Craigslist rather than Ebay because these beauties are HeAvY! Well, now it is time to move these babies out of my office and to their new home where I hope they will make a LOT of noise. I wiped down all the wood, vacuumed the covers and the actual speakers and photographed them. I am going for $175. Here is the link: