FOUND – International Hub Caps Triple Diamond

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I stopped at a sale last summer in Spokane Valley, WA and the prices were so great I ended up making a pile next to the cash box and going back for a second look. On my second tour around the sale I found this pair of International Hub Caps. I paid a dollar for them and hoped there might be an old International truck out there needing them. I got on Ebay when I got home and found out these are very rare and hard to find – especially in this condition. They were most likely used on an International truck dating between 1940 – 1957. Most are missing the red detail paint and are rusted through. This pair features their original red trim and are still in solid condition. While researching I found out that restoring International trucks is a big deal and ‘original‘ parts add big time to the value. I sure hope the guy who is restoring his cherished International finds these hotties on my Ebay!

This Truck Restoration blog features an article about the difficulty of restoring old Internationals.

The International Truck Museum in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada features 19 various restored International trucks. Check it out!