Spokane’s Hidden Treasure

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With apartments to repair and a home with ongoing projects, we are always in need of a window, door or do-hicky. But if you know us at all we are thrifty and like to get cool stuff for less. Where are you going to go? Overhauser’s of course! This is the most amazing place in downtown Spokane and takes up multiple floors of an old Historic brick building. We have purchased a lot of windows and doors for great prices from here but that is just the beginning! You can find gorgeous antique armoirs, buffets, light fixtures, fireplaces, mantles, moose heads (yes with antlers) and on and on. The owner Dan LOVES to buy and he has an eye for beautiful and unique things (just look at his lovely wife!). David and I needed a hearth for our freestanding fireplace and wanted something nice and different. Overhauser’s had it! Slabs of marble pulled from the Davenport Hotel bath stalls! These slabs are 5′ x 6′ x 1″ thick and need some cleaning. We bought one for the hearth. Working with marble is a first for us so this is all one big experiment. So far all we know about it is that it is HEAVY! Will share more about this project later. In the meantime, check out Overhauser’s. It is like taking a tour through a museum!