Reardan All City Yard Sale Corrals Bull Dodge Bookends

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Every September the town of Reardan, WA hosts it’s annual city wide garage sale. Reardan is a small farm town but I must have hit 30 sales in 2 hours! I nearly filled the car with treasures and was on my way out of town when I passed by the library and a crowd of buyers! I jumped right in and boy am I happy I did! The glassware and smalls were abundant. I snatched up 3 nice blue apothecary jars from Belgium, a cast iron terrier dog, a milk glass cake plate that spins (!), and a pair of Dodge bull bookends. I paid $3 for the gorgeous bookends. After researching them on the internet I found they are extremely collectible and difficult to find. Here is a bit of history on Dodge bookends:

Dodge, Inc. began in Chicago in the mid 1920s by Ray E. Dodge, a former track star in the 1924 Olympics.  In 1930 he moved the company to Los Angeles to begin making “Oscars” for Hollywood’s Academy Awards, and in 1949, began producing Hollywood’s “Emmys”.

In a 1948, a catalog for Dodge, Inc. of Los Angeles, Newark and Miami, advertised “the master-line of gifts for the discriminating buyer,” listing more than 20 different pairs of bookends, including pieces designed by McClelland Barclay and Gladys E. Brown, selling for $10 to $40 a pair.

All Dodge bookends are made of heavy cast gray metal.  Their bookends on onyx bases are less common.  The company used 5 different finishes for its cast metal pieces, but their trademark high-gloss bronze finish with two-tone highlights of  rich red-golden copper from  the Southwest’s great copper mines, earned Dodge the tag line, “The Best of the West.”

I will be posting these beauties very soon on Ebay along with some owl bookends and International Hub Caps! Following are some links relevant to Dodge bookends.

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