Torpedo Has Been Launched!

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Yes that is right! The Torpedo portable typewriter from West Germany is now up for bid on Ebay! Yahoo! It just goes to show you that letting your friends and family know what kind of stuff you are into pays off. Last year I sold an Eldorado portable typewriter to a fellow in Sweden for BIG bucks and an Olympia to another fellow in Missouri. These typewriters are very nostalgic for many especially those who carried these 15 pound babies around college campus. They were the first laptops and served their purpose well. Now they are highly collectible, still functional and gorgeous to boot! My lovely mom follows my blog and Ebay postings and was astonished when the Eldorado sold for nearly $300 big ones on Ebay last year. Ever since, she has kept her eye out and she is responsible for rescuing the Torpedo from living in a storage unit for the rest of it’s life. Her neighbor used this unit in college and earned his degree with it. He is now moving, letting go of the past and sold it to mom while remembering all those papers he wrote with it. I am hoping that a new home is in the Torpedo’s future! I posted it on Ebay this afternoon and already there are 7 watchers! Follow the action here!

Check out this guy’s web site! He has a typewriter collection of nearly 200! My Typewriter Collection