Catalina Oxblood

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I know! What is Catalina Oxblood? Well I found this vase several years ago at a garage sale in Spokane, WA. The sale was looking like a big bust until I decided to look in a box sitting on the ground full of FTD style clear flower vases. You know, the super cheap kind that are a dime a dozen. Well not quite that cheap. The box read 10 cents each. I rooted around in the box and spotted this red vase, flipped it over and read Catalina Pottery. I didn’t know anything about it but something inside me (duh?) said splurge with the 10 cents and RUN! It has sat on my display shelf for the last two years with hardly a second glance. After I found the Frank Moreno pot I had to make room and so the Catalina has got to go. After a quick search on Ebay I discovered that Catalina Oxblood is extremely collectible and I might actually make some good money on this vase. A similar┬ávase recently sold on Ebay for $153. I have started mine at $29.99. Sure hope we get close to the $100 mark!

You can learn a lot about Catalina Pottery here!